About BX Foundry Handcrafted Joysticks

Benj Edwards at work making joysticks

Hi, I'm Benj Edwards, a journalist and tech historian.  I've spent the past 14 years writing about the history of video games and computers for sites like The Atlantic, FastCompany, PC World, and more.  I love video games, and I have fought hard in my career to have them recognized and preserved as an important cultural art form.  So it feels natural to share this joy with others through unique hardware that makes gaming more fun.

Since August 2018, I've been creating handmade joysticks for fellow video game lovers around the world.  It started off simple with a single controller for Atari consoles, and now I offer sticks for over ten different platforms.  Every controller I build uses the highest quality arcade parts.  Each one is hand assembled right here in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

You'll be surprised and delighted at how your favorite classic systems play with such precise sticks.  When you use a BX Foundry joystick, it's like lifting a 'controller fog' you didn't even know you'd been living through.  After trying accurate arcade parts that register every movement and press, you might wonder why you stuck with other control methods for so long.  It's an eye-opening experience that I compare to playing your favorite games again for the first time.

Have fun, and happy gaming!